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Free Admission Counseling

Globalwings provides a specialized one-to-one counseling service guiding applicants in the selection of the right kind of courses, colleges & universities. Our expert team is trained to offer students the best advice and assistance keeping in mind individual’s aptitude, budget, and country preferences.

Scholarship & Financial Grants

We assist applicants to apply and avail foreign university scholarships and waivers according to the merits and also through our partner institutions.

Application Paperwork’s

Our expert team assists applicants in filling up their application forms and reviews in the proper format. With Global Wing’s support, you will receive:

  • Unbiased and expert counselling via personal interview
  • Shortlisting of potential schools and universities
  • Assistance in application submission
  • Guidance in writing Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  • Guidance on available scholarships and how to apply
  • Guidance on offer letters

Visa Processing Assistance

We provide advice to proceed through the entire process and ensure details of the latest visa requirements and conditions. Our expert team members and affiliates guide applicants to official websites and ensure smooth transitions through immigration interviews. To reduce your hassle, we can also help you certify, translate and ship your records.

Pre-Departure Briefing

We provide a briefing that covers the essential information you need to start settling in when you arrive at the airport from pick up, accommodation, travel, and luggage to orientation, insurance, banking, and budget, etc.

Travel & Accommodation Management

We assist our students to arrange the airline ticket and accommodation in a foreign country through university or outsourcing while they are in the UK, Australia, Malaysia, or any other countries. We also assist with the visas for spouse, parents, siblings who want to visit or join the students.


Others Assistance

We keep in touch with all our students till they finish their degree, guide them at every stage to get placement opportunity and immigration guidelines till they are well settled.

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